1. We Are Only Doing Legal Official Unlocking, Which Not Voiding The Phone Warranty.


(We Are Not Responsible For Any Kind of Warranty Voids)


2. We Only Doing Unlocking the Phone SIMlock To Make The Phone Works With Different SIM Card.


(After Unlocking We Are Not Responsible For Any Kind Of SIM-Slot Faults, And No Refund In This Case).


3. We Are Not Doing Carriers/Countries Unblocking Services.


If You Submitted A Blocked IMEI To One Of Our Services), Means You Want And Agree To Do Official Legal SIMLOCK Unlocking Only Without Removing The Block Which The Company Apply To That Phone.


So As A Result To This: (The Phone Won't Work After Unlocking In The Country Which It Was Locked To One Of its Networks As Like Before Unlocking Procurers Started! And No Refund in This Case).


4. We Are Not Responsible For Any Issue In Activating The IPhone , Or Preventing The Unlock To Be Completed After Unlocking The IPhone Or Delivering The Unlocking Codes.


Kindly Check If You Can 100% Complete the Unlocking Procedure after Unlocking the Phone or Delivering the Unlocking Codes before Submitting Your IMEI .


(Example: iCloud Lock, Passwords, Social Security (SSN) Lock For Some IPhones, Hard Locked Or SIMLOCK Counter Blocked Phones, And No Refund In This Case).


5. We Can't Cancel IMEIS From Being Processing Within The Service Timeframe.


(In Emergency Cases You Can Ask For Cancelation, We Will Try, But Not Promising To Do Cancelation If It's Out Of Our Hands).


6. Customer Have The Right To Ask For Refund If His Job Not Done.


7. Customer Have to Check Each IMEI Carrier Before Submitting To Specific Service.


Example: In Wrong Carrier Or Invalid IMEIS Cases, We Might Not Be Able To Cancel Before Asking The Source To Cancel And He Do!


8. Customer Have To Read Each Service Info Very Carefully.


And Make Sure That the IMEIs You are submitting are supported In This Service.


9. Customer Have The Right To Ask For Account Closure At Any Time If His Balance Is Clear.


10- For adding funds through add funds button by user side with paypal as payment gateway , Users Have to * send an e-mail to (unlockdb@gmail.com) stating the transaction id of the paypal payment + the invoice id which our system generate * Users Donesn't have the right to complain about the delay if they didn't made the previous action * adding funds takes 24 hours in working days * any missleading to this actions & resulting charge back from user's side will lead to blocking this user account & this user will never be accepted to deal with us again


11- Paypal As Payment Gateway Is Only Accepted From (Verified) Paypal Accounts , Any Payment From (Unverified) Paypal Accounts Will Not Be Accepted & Will Be Refunded


12- We Are Working In Business Days Only (Working Days Start From Monday Ends At Friday ) Saturday & Sunday Are Off , We Are Not Processing Orders Neither Can't Handle Anything In Our Site In Off Days (Saturday & Sunday )


13- To Be A Reseller You Must Deposit At Least 500$ As Minimum Credit To Start Your Reselling Account !!

And Continue To Add 500$ As Minimum Every Month To Stay In The Resellers Group After Enabling Your Reselling Account !!

And Please Note That : If You Started Your Reselling Account With Minimum Amount Of Funds (500$) You Can't Request To Refund Your Money !!

Also Note : That Your Account Will Be Reevaluated Every Month , If Your Quantity Of Orders Got To Minimum Amount Of Orders Or Funds Allowed To Stay In Resellers Group, Your Account Will Be Changed Back To Default Users Group & You Will Lose All Of Your Resellers Advantages !!